Planting more trees cannot be a wrong idea.

Make a difference and join in our global tree planting project – inclusive to everyone

Technology and Nature

There are several environmental projects that shares the same goal of PlantingNFT: more trees for absorbing co2 from the atmosphere.

What makes PlantingNFT unique is the way we use NFT (blockchain technology) for the enviroment.

NFT (non fungible token) have been using for selling artworks, and our team is involved in this with the curated gallery of bullishart.com

Using the experience learnt in this field for over 2 years, we have teamed up with artists who really care for the environment and started PlantingNFT.

How it works?

  • Our team mint several trees that are known to be very effective for co2 removal.
  • Collectors buy the NFTs and become tree owners.
  • We plant the trees and collectors earn monthly rewards (AIR) Clean Air Token.
  • Tree owners can trade their trees as any NFTs in the marketplace.

Please check the timeline of each tree project, planting does not start immediately, it depends on land acquisition and other technical and practical reasons.

Earn rewards for removing co2 with your trees